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New Home, Same Address

Take the guesswork out of designing your home

If there is one thing we believe in here at Windows R Us, it is choice. That is why we offer good, better, and best options for all of our products and solutions. We also know the one choice that homeowners agonize over the most when choosing to re-side their home is color. Of course material, thickness, and style matter, but "What is this going to look like on my home?" is the one question that if answered would put a lot of minds at ease. That is exactly why Windows R Us has partnered with GAF e360, a new online tool that is revolutionizing the way customers shop for home improvements.  Together, with this tool, we can redesign your homes entire look  from roof and siding color and style, window trim color to adding new shutters. all rendered in on a stunning digital 3d model.  Schedule your design session today see just how beautiful your "new home, same address" can be with Windows R Us! 

Highlights of Our Siding

High Quality Vinyl

 Vinyl siding has been the most popular siding for a long time – and for good reason. It’s durable, looks great, and is super-easy to maintain. As you look at vinyl siding options, do make sure that the vinyl is of a high-quality. Some companies offer super-cheap low-quality vinyl – it looks like flimsy plastic and will fade and chip over time. At Windows R Us we work with some of the most trusted manufacturers in the siding industry. Simply put, we never compromise on quality. 

Maintenance Free Exterior

 Who wants to paint the exterior of their home every few years (or pay someone to do it)? Or worry that they need to stain or seal it all the time to keep away rot?

No one does.

Stick with vinyl and enjoy a virtually maintenance-free lifestyle – you’ll only have to occasionally hose it down to keep it looking new.

Home Value and Curb Appeal

 A home with new siding is a more valuable home. When assessing a home, most buyers’ initial impression of a home is what sticks with them. Having a home with beautiful siding is the best way to significantly increase curb appeal.

When you hire us to install your siding, you’ll be pleased by the wide color options and siding styles you can choose from. You’ll get the exact right siding to create the look you want.

Energy Efficiency

 Whatever short-term fluctuations happen in energy prices, the overall trend is that energy costs continue to rise. Many homeowners have decided to make their home as energy efficient as possible.

That’s why we offer insulated siding choices. As long as you are investing in siding, you should consider improving the energy efficiency of your home, too.

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