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Gaco Silicone Roof Coating System

The Solvent Free Alternative to replacing your Weathered Roof


Whether your roof is large or small, flat or sloped, GacoFlex Silicone Roof Coating Systems provide a proven, guaranteed solution for renewing your weathered roof. They can be applied to virtually any existing roofing surface to create a seamless membrane that protects against permanent ponding water, ultraviolet light and severe weather.

The key advantages of using a silicone roofing system:

  • Avoid costly and time consuming tear offs. 
  • Extend the life of your roof. By renewing your roof, you’ll never need to replace the roof again.
  • Reduced energy costs. The highly-reflective, glossy finish of GacoFlex S20 and S21 Silicone Roof Coatings can help reduce energy costs.
  • Silicone is permanent and will not degrade, chalk or crack under harsh UV rays.
  • Silicone forms a seamless membrane that withstands permanent ponding water without softening.

Silicone creates a smooth surface that offers excellent resistance to mold, mildew and staining.

Did you know...

Gaco products are backed by the best warranties in the business.  50 years!! In fact Gaco has already issued warranties for over 100 million square feet of roofs!!

The GacoFlex S2100 Cleanable Silicone Coating 5-Year Energy Star Warranty guarantees S2100 will maintain an aged Energy Star rating for a minimum of 5 years - even over asphalt roofs. 

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Gaco Case Histories

GacoFlex S20 Silicone Single-Ply Roof Restoration – Helen Edwards Early Childhood Center (TX)

Situation: Commercial Roofing

The Kaufman ISD, serves approximately 3,800 students. Every time it rained, over 50 leak work orders were generated due to worn and damaged roofs and walk pads on school district buildings. 

Solution:  The J Reynolds & Co. team decided that a rejuvenation with the GacoFlex S20 Flat Roof Coating System including SF2036 WalkPad (fluid applied walk pads) was the best solution for Kaufman ISD.   The owners report that the installation has eliminated all leaks from the roof and has lowered their energy bills. This has allowed maintenance personnel to focus on other work orders within the school district as the roofing and cooling budgets were reduced and dollars were shifted to update and/or replace needed equipment. 

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GacoFlex S20 Silicone Over Mod-Bit Flat Roof Restoration – Delray Oaks Condominiums (FL)


 Delray Oaks West is a robust condominium community located on the southern edge of Delray Beach, FL. The association is composed of fifty two residential buildings surrounded by beautiful tropical landscaping. Many of the condominium buildings within Delray Oaks had worn out flat mod-bit roofing systems with ponding water and needed repair. 


 The GacoFlex S20 Silicone Roof Coating system was selected for this project because it can be applied to virtually any existing roof to create a durable, glossy, seamless membrane that seals and protects against permanent ponding water, ultraviolet light, severe weather and leaves. Plus, by re-coating the roof the owner could alleviate the need for a time consuming and costly roof tear-off, providing financial savings for the owner and producing the least amount of disturbance to occupants of the condominium community. 

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GacoFlex S20 Silicone Over EPDM Roof Restoration – Alliance Laundry Systems (WI)


When Gaco’s Area Manager first met Dwayne Turpin of Alliance Laundry Systems, Dwayne described the facility’s 1,000,000 square feet of roof as 100 different roofs all patched together over time. (A million square feet is nearly 23 acres or 14 city blocks!) There was water pooling in many areas and the roof was leaking.   he first section of the roof to be addressed was over a part of the plant where powder coating took place. Speed Queen Washer parts are hung from the ceiling on a track system assembly line that takes the parts through various ovens and dunk tanks. If the company had to tear off and re-roof this area, that part of the facility would need to be shut down, costing Alliance money. 


 The GacoFlex S20 Silicone Roof Coating System because it would allow them to rejuvenate all their roofs rather than disrupting operations by tearing off and replacing them. GacoFlex S20 endures permanent ponding water and provides a long-lasting watertight system. 

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